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Gallery Of Cartoons By Arif Sutristanto - Indonesia
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Arif Sutristanto - Indonesia

Many do not know that Indonesia is the world champion cartoon world.

Arif Sutristanto Indonesian cartoonist he often win at festivals such as World Press Cartoon Portugal, Syria Cartoon Contest, Jiaxing International Cartoon Contest China and other festivals.

he achievements have made the name of the nation and made the presence of Indonesian cartoonists  illustrators counted.

The Indonesian Damn Good Cartoon book contains a collection of cartoons that have appeared in newspapers, tabloids, and exhibitions.

he works mature from a technical point of view because since he teens have become professional illustrators or cartoonist.

Each cartoon contains a message that can be interpreted according to the capacity and experience of the reader.

Through these cartoons the reader can discover the meaning of the global themes displayed, which words can not convey.


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