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Gallery Of Cartoon & Illustrations By Klaas Verplancke - Belgium
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Klaas Verplancke - Belgium
Klaas Verplancke (1964) studied Advertising Graphics and Photography.
He started his professional career in advertising agencies and continued to do his illustrating after office hours.
In 1990, he decided to become a full-time illustrator.
Advertising acted as a handy training ground for his new profession, teaching him to analyze issues and to get a story across to the public at large.
In the following years, he made countless contributions to magazines and newspapers and illustrated more or less a hundred and fifty books,
At first glance, Verplancke’s drawings and paintings differ a great deal in appearance and execution.
But they always display the qualities that characterize him as an illustrator and designer: a sense of humor that can vary from mild to sardonic, a poetic imagination, a preference for illustrating abstract concepts and universal emotions – and a sideways, surrealistic view of reality.


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