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Gallery Of Cartoon & Illustrations By Henn Kim - South Korea
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Henn Kim - South KoreaHenn Kim is an illustrator from South Korea.She is the latest phenomenon in social networks.Her drawings, always in black and white, evoke themes of "beautiful dark twisted fantasy”, in her own words.Her creations speak of love, new technologies, dreams and promises, within a minimalist poetic current, which implores the viewer's thinking, catching and leaving him wounded.Her world is real, close to surrealism, she communicates with a simple and discreet lines to end up creating something big with facts from everyday life. She usually appears in the media of her country and her work is very close to the South Korean music industry.She has become a worldwide reference, and this is the first time she works with an art gallery in Europe, as well as the only one that has created a signed series of silkscreens.Four rarities for a young art collector, who appreciates the new oriental avant gardes of illustration.

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