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Gallery Of Cartoon & Comic Strip By Tango Gao - China
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ango Gao - China
Tango Gao is an illustrator, artist, and author.
He works and lives in New York and Shanghai.
His work mainly appeared on the Chinese social network Weibo with over half a million followers as well as Instagram and Tumblr.
Tango’s sketches lies in the way he handles the humor in everyday situations with his clairvoyant mind and is able to deliver a striking piece in a few and truly incisive lines. His hobby apparently began as a bet in 2010 when a friend said, Why don’t you open a Weibo account and draw every day Every day of the last four years, he has committed himself to post one drawing online.
He has had solo shows in Shanghai, Beijing, Paris and New York.
He is the author of Sleepless and I Have a dream.

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