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Gallery Of Cartoon & Caricatures By Ricardo Martinez - Chile
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Ricardo Martinez - Chile
Ricardo Martinez Ortega, born: 1956 Santiago, Chile of Spanish immigrant Parents. He moved to Spain (Madrid) with his family in May 1969.
Ricardo began his professional career towards the end of the seventies.
Soon he was creating illustrations for publications, advertising agencies, and comic books.
In 1981 he moved to Miami, where he worked at an ad agency, conceptualizing ads for Seven Up , Dr.Pepper, and American Express, and movie posters. Shortly thereafter, he was hired for a staff position at the "The Miami News" as a designer/illustrator/graphic artist. After six years, the paper was sold to Knight Ridder, and Ricardo went on to be the Op/Ed illustrator for the Miami Herald.
While in Miami, Ricardo and his childhood friend Nacho created "Goomer".
This comic strip has been continuously published since 1987.
First in the Spanish daily "El Pais" and since1990 in "El Mundo".
In 1989, Ricardo returned to Madrid with his American wife to be a part of the founding group of the newspaper "El Mundo".
He became the Assistant Managing Editor and headed the Art Department, supervising both illustration and graphics.
In May of 1990, he began to publish editorial cartoons which he did with the writer and his business partner, Nacho.
Nacho stopped working on the political cartoon in February of 2002.
His works have appeared in the Annual collections of The Society of Illustrators in New York, and in several collected works. ("Goomer" and political cartoons) His comic strip “Goomer” was syndicated in the U.S. by Creator’s Syndicate in 1991 and enjoyed a stint in papers worldwide.
Goomer was made into a film in Spain in 1998 and was awarded the prestigious “Goya” for Best Animated Feature Length film that year.
There are eight published collected works of “Goomer”.

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