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Gallery Of Cartoon & Caricatures By Marco D Agostino - Italy
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Marco D Agostino - Italy
Marco D'Agostino was born in Pescara in 1963.
His passion for design has infected him as a child, even when, at age 7, on the occasion of his birthday, his father knew his talent, gave him the first stand with a canvas and tempera colors.
Since then, he has not stopped. 
Thus, hundreds of drawings, colorful sketches, of all kinds come from the amateur caricatures of teachers and classmates during the adolescence period to the recent recognition and appreciation at national and international level.
In the 1980s he also learned engraving art and successfully participated in several exhibitions and exhibitions at national and international level, winning awards and awards also in this field.
But this is only a small artistic bracket, because immediately afterwards it returns to its old passion, pencil. 
He resumes drawing drawings, experimenting with the various techniques of drawing and coloring, preferring and finishing the watercolor technique closer to that of the crayons.
Illustrator and graphic designer, continues to draw for passion, in the meantime collaborates for several years with graphic agencies and later illustrates some local educational and institutional publications.
Only in 2009 begins to participate, randomly, in some illustration competitions. 
It is the turn of the year in Marco's design, a turning point toward scratching satire, humor and caricature, revealing the latter's ultimate passion;
From here, in fact, the first successes come in various national and international competitions. 
Among other things, many awards and awards were made in Lanciano 2009, Magnefut in 2009 and 2010, 
Cartoon Sea 2011, Italy 
5th Smailing cat 2012 (Arzebaijan) 
Trento 2012 
Humor at Gallarate 2012 and 2013 (Italy) 
1th cartoon Africa 2012 (Nigeria),until March 2013 where he won the prestigious ECC prize in the 19th Euro-Kartonenale 
kruishoutem 2013 in Belgium.

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