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Gallery Of Cartoon & Caricatures By Djoko Susilo - Indonesia
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Djoko Susilo - Indonesia
Born and raised in a small town Kaliwungu in the month of Ramadan October 30, 1970.
Interest in the world of graffiti-moret begins when the age of 4 years by spending a wall of houses made of board with objects that were found in such as chalk, charcoal, pencils etc. . Self taught learn to draw through books, comics, and even torn newsprint in which there was a Tarzan comic.
Began to pursue cartoon world since 1985.
Then join KOKANG (Group of Kaliwungu Cartoonists).
The cartoon was first loaded in mass media Sunday Morning Yogyakarta. Studying in Visual Communication Design UNNES (2007).
Since 1997 worked as EDITORIAL CARTOONIST Daily Daily Voice MERDEKA until now.
(1993) THIRD PRIZE Manga International Cartoon Festival Okhotsk JAPAN.
(1994,1996) WORK OF SPECIAL MERIT Manga International Cartoon Festival Okhotsk JAPAN.
(1998) Including 101 winners of the Indosat 001 Jakarta Advertising Competition.
(2002) CARTUN TERFAVORIT Jawa Pos cartoon competition.
(2003) NOMINATOR Contest Logo Design Services Raharja Putera Jakarta.
(2004) JUARA III Cartoon Contest Trans TV program Jakarta.
(2004) JUARA I Competition Caricature PIMNAS STT TELKOM Bandung.
(2004) JUARA I Caricature Contest PEKSIMINAS Bandar Lampung.
(2005) HOPE HOPE The caricature contest SOLOPOS "Solo face in caricature"
(2006) BEST III BPR JEPARA ARTHA Logo Design Competition.
(2007) JUARA II National Caricature Competition "About Air Quality" Semarang.
(2008) First Winner of Central Java Governor Election Competition 2008-Central Java

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