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Gallery Of Cartoon By Zygmunt Zaradkiewicz - Poland
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Born 1951, Makow Mazowiecki, Poland. 
Education: Faculty of Graphic Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw. Diploma with distinction (1976). 
Works and activity: book illustrations, cartoons, prints, posters, paintings and stage sets. Debuts in the magazines „Polska” and „Szpilki” in 1972. Publications in periodicals and the Polish press, e.g.: „itd”, „Karuzela”, “Kobieta i Zycie”, „Magazyn Rodzinny”, „Radar”, „Razem”, “Rzeczpospolita”, „Sukces” (artistic director 1998-2000), „Szpilki”, „Sztandar M?odych”, „Zycie Warszawy”, as well as abroad: „Pardon” and „Slapstick” (Germany). Collaboration with publishers: Bertelsmann, Czytelnik, Iskry, KAW, MAW, MON, Murator (art director - 1996-1998), Nasza Ksiegarnia. Author of posters for films and various events, set and costume designs for the Adekwatny Theatre in Warsaw. He has served on the juries of national and international cartoon competitions. Initiator and organiser of international cartoon competitions: 
„The Ball Is In Play”, „The Great and the Little Warsaw”, as well as the national compatitions for the “Cartoon of the Month” and “Cartoon of the Year”. 
Director of the Museum of Caricature and Cartoon Art (MCCA) in Warsaw (2011-2014). 
Works in collections: MCCA; Museu Nacional da Imprensa, Portugal; ECC Kruishoutem, Belgium; private collections in Poland , Iran and abroad.

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