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Gallery Of Cartoon By Ronaldo Cunha Dias - Brazil
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Ronaldo Cunha Dias (Vacaria, July 20, 1951) is a Brazilian cartoonist. Besides cartoonist, is a surgeon.

It has won numerous awards at home and abroad, and today is one of the most awarded Brazilian cartoonists in halls of humor. With several group and solo exhibitions, he has authored three books: The Man Who Laughs, I can laugh now, doctor and Smile ... you're endangered. He participated in several compilations with other authors.

Serving as a designer began in 1985 when he won the first prize PB Magazine Search New Humoristas . Since 1995 is the Pioneer newspaper cartoonist, of Caxias do Sul, and Zero Hora newspaper contributor. He published his drawings in the United States, through Cartoonist & Writers Syndicate, and Europe, the Joker Feature Service. He was invited to participate in the publication of the eighty years of the newspaper Le canard encahainé in France.

Ronaldo is one of the most awarded Brazilian cartoonists, inside and outside the country. There were more than 60 awards in addition to having participated as a judge of the 35th International Festival of Khartoum Knokee-Heist, Belgium.

In Brazil, won the first places in various states humor contests, the last achievement reached in the 4th Mostra Maranhanse of humor.

Some of the countries in which the cartoons have played Ronaldo was Japan, Spain, Belgium, Indonesia, Turkey, Yugoslavia, France, South Korea, Croatia, Portugal and Germany, winning international recognition.


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