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Gallery Of Caricatures & Illustrations By Leonardo Rodriguez - Spain
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Leonardo Rodriguez - Spain
Leonardo Rodriguez Artist Illustrator living and working in BARCELONA Spain. Concept Artist, Character & Background designer, MadMagazine colaborator
I'm a freelance Illustration Artist living and working in Barcelona, Spain.
I use watercolor, digital and mixed media with high level skills.
My work has been featured in MAD magazine, Simon&Schuster (US), Barcanova Publishers and RBA Publishers (Spain), ANAYA Publishers (Spain), Baula Publishers (Spain) and Sagoma Comedy (Italy), among other international publishers.
I also collaborated with Dancing Diablo Studio (NY) as a Freelance Art director for the Bronx Zoo Go Wild campaign and Ralph Laurent advertising campaign.
For several years, I have been working in Editorial illustration for several news and press magazines such as: La Marea (Spain), El Nacional, El Universal (Venezuela), Loft Magazine (US), Latitude 0º(France).
My Artwork has been displayed in collective and individual shows such as The Original Art 2011 at the Museum of American Illustration of the Society of Illustrators, Kerpoof Exhibition of Illustrators and Animators at St.
John’s University, Queens Campus New York, (2011)
Since 2013, I perform speed live drawing at The Barcelona International Comic Fair (FICOMIC) since 2013 and I'm one of the founder members of the Spanish Association of Cartoonists, created in 2012.

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