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Gallery Of Caricatures By Thierry Coquelet - France
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Thierry Coquelet - France
Thierry Coquelet was born on November 20. 
His favorite tool for cartoons, the ballpoint pen.
Having not made drawing his job, he nevertheless participated in some collective works at the publisher "Wind West", but no plan for the future in the drawing, no step in this direction. 
On this point, he replies: "For the moment, I'm content with the pleasure of sharing, publishing and sharing drawings online with other authors, and responding to the comments of visitors who are kind to me. leave some. 
He has nevertheless published with his friend Maester, Wanted "Editions Valentine", a collective book of Western caricatures, with five other accomplices: Achde, Jean-Marc Borot, Charles Da Costa, Thomas Lebeltel and Mulatier.

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