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Gallery Of Caricatures By Stanley Chow - Uk
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Stanley Chow - UK
Stanley Chow is an artist and illustrator from Manchester, England whose iconic work has found worldwide acclaim.
Chow was born in 1974 and raised in Manchester by parents who had emigrated to England from Hong Kong.
He grew up in a chip shop and says that living in this environment helped him to become an artist. Speaking to the BBC in 2014 Chow said “the reason why I am an illustrator is because growing up, the only form of amusement I had was with a biro and chip paper.
I didn't really have many toys when I was a nipper, all I did was draw and draw and draw.
He was educated at King's School in Macclesfield and during his time there Chow was inspired by his sixth form art teacher Robin Hidden who was himself an illustrator.
Chow went on to study at Swindon College of Art on a course which included an exchange placement in Lyon, France.
Back in Manchester, Chow worked for a time as a club DJ, regularly playing venues including The Roadhouse and The Night and Day Cafe.
Whilst out drinking, Chow would spend time entertaining himself by sketching his friends, who included Elbow's Guy Garvey using simple line strokes which would eventually become the defining style of his work.

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