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Gallery Of Caricatures By Sergio Matamoros - Costa Rica
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Sergio Matamoros
Costa Rican plastic artist, specialized in portraiture and caricature.
Heredia, Costa Rica.
Sergio Matamoros I started drawing since I was a kid, since I always remember doing it.I started by drawing characters from animated series, then I tried the portraits in the school stage and I got hooked. Since then I have not stopped drawing people.
In the school stage I neglected this from the drawing to penetrate with the music. It was a great break as a 5 year old.
At the age of 20 I took it back and since then I have not stopped drawing.
I am passionate about drawing people because, despite sharing the same anatomy, there are many expressions, marks and unique characteristics in each one.
I really like classical art, the Renaissance and a little Baroque. I also admire many contemporary painters.
As for the caricature, I really like the French and Brazilian school.


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