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Gallery Of Caricatures By Rui Duarte - Portugal
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Rui Duarte - Portugal
Rui was born in Lisbon, Portugal and has always been an artist.
Rui begun his professional illustration and caricature career in 2003 which led him to become a storyboard and comic artist.
He maintains commissions and clients in Portgual, Brasil, Italy, Germany, France, Holland, Angola and elsewhere around the world.
Rui has an exclusive partnership with a football club in Portugal (F.C.Porto) to create caricatures of their players in merchandising.
Rui is a completely self taught artist and has never taken an art workshop which means his artform is pure.
Rui has been on a televised drawing show in Portugal for 2 seasons, 23 episodes.
1º prize for best portfolio, in Girona Isca Convention 2011.
1º prize for best studio work, in Girona Isca Convention 2011.
2º prize for best black and white work, in Girona Convention 2011.
I win a Honor mention in Portugal in 2012 and a 3º prize in 3013.
1º prize for best digital caricature in Eindhoven Isca Convention 2013.
1º prize for best black and white work in Eindhoven Isca convention 2013.
2º prize for the best portfolio in Eindhoven Isca convention, 2013.
2º prize for the best likeness caricature in Eindhoven Isca convention 2013

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