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Gallery Of Caricatures By Romeo Jericho - Indonesia
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Romeo Jericho - Indonesia
One of Indonesia's most prominent caricatures is Romeo Jericho, with its fun caricature portrait style, extreme distortion but still aesthetically pleasing.
The familiar caricatures called Romeo Jericho are very active in producing pencils in pencil media in the midst of busy work.
From childhood I already like the world of drawing, school friends' notebooks are full of my drawings and the teacher also likes to catch wet I'm drawing and not listen to the lessons
Although my desire to go to college in the arts is not so because parents do not approve and end up working on a field that has absolutely nothing to do with the world of images but that does not extinguish my love
madness with drawing activities
2005 when street art began to move in Indonesia, I actively donate my works in the streets of the capital city friends house.

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