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Gallery Of Caricatures By Pablo Lopez - Uruguay
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Pablo Lopez
Pez was born in Montevideo-Uruguay in 1975.
Influenced mainly by the artistic currents of cubism and surrealism he takes his caricatured art to the deformation and transformation of everything that passes through his gaze.
His works are inspired by great artists who have been part of our lives, and who have marked a before and after within his artistic field (mainly musical or cinematographic).
He considers that the caricature of a character is more representative than the most faithful of his photographic portraits.
He has won awards as an artist and as a designer during his vast career in countries such as Spain, Cuba, Iran, Azerbaijan and Uruguay.
Currently working in his workshop located in the Old City of Montevideo, he teaches caricature, painter and sculpture classes, and continues to develop, research and learn the techniques that most characterize him as a plastic artist.


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