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Gallery Of Caricatures By Pablo Lopez - Uruguay
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Pablo Lopez - Uruguay
Pez was born in Montevideo - Uruguay in 1975.
Influenced mainly by the artistic currents of cubism and surrealism, he takes his caricature art to the deformation and transformation of everything that passes through his gaze.
His works are inspired by great artists who have been part of our lives, and who have marked a before and after in their artistic field (mainly musical or film).
Consider that the caricature of a character is more representative than the most faithful of his photographic portraits.
He has won awards as an artist and as a designer during his vast career, in countries such as Spain, Cuba, Iran, Azerbaijan and Uruguay.
He currently works in her workshop located in the Old City of Montevideo, teaches caricature, painter and sculpture classes, and continues to develop, research and learn the techniques that most characterize her as a plastic artist.
Artistic education:
1995 / Universidad ORT Uruguay - Graphic Design.
1995 / Illustration Workshop / Cartoons
2000 / Workshop Barradas Ceramics
2001 / Workshop Oscar Ferrando Serigraph
2004-05 / Workshop Warehouse of Art with Alvaro Podesta / Painting
1995, 96 and 97 / Sample of Caricatures: Workshop Tunda & Ombu.
2005 / Painting Exhibition: Workshop by Alvaro Podesta.
2005 / Caricatures for the book Animal Interview of the Mundo Canon program.
2005 / Caricatures for the covers of Artistas Plasticos of Papiros.
2006 / August: Caricature Shows: Lautreamont Pub
2006 / September: Painting Exhibition: La Spezia Exhibition Hall.
2006 / November: Painting Exhibition: SODRE.
2007 / May / 2008 January: Caricature Show: SODRE, National Broadcasting Space. (Permanent Sample).
2007 / November: Perez mill. Collective Sample
2008 / September: Drawing, Painting and Sculpture. Presidency of the Republic / Libertad Building.
2011 / October, 7th. Graphic Humor Biennial / Lleida-Spain.
2012 / May, 1st edition of the book PaintingFour, design and works of my authorship.
2012 / October, PaintingFour 48 works. Dedicated to The Beatles, Roses / Spain.
2014 / Collective exhibition, Figari Museum.
1987 / Banking Cooperative Special Mention Illustration.
1996 / Municipality of Montevideo. 1st Prize. Agenda Design
1998 / C. National of F. 1st. Logo Award 100 Years.
1998 / I. M. M. 2nd. Logo Award Montevideo Educating City.
2002 / Association of hardware stores. Mention. Logo
2007 / C. Honorary N. of the Disabled. 2nd. Poster Award
2007 / XV International Biennial of Graphic Humor / Cuba. Mention Personal Caricature
2007 / Selected Painting Competition, Galleries FIVARS (Monte Pego / Spain).
2007 / National Education Network for Sustainable Human Development. Second Mention Logo.
2007 / 1st Prize design of the Meat of Members of the C. N. de F.
2008 / Selected, Austrian Cartoon Awards, finalist with 3 Cartoons.
2010 / Fundacion Mario Benedetti, 1st. Logo award
2011 / 1st. Prize / International Cartoon Contest, Humoreix, Spain.
2012 February / Finalist at the 4th International Fadjr Contest 2012- Iran with three cartoons.
2012 March / Finalist in 5th International Contest of Caricature and Cartoon of Vianden / Luxembourg, with the personal caricature of Victor Hugo.
2012 April / XXXIII Contest of Mini paintings, Alicante - Spain. Second prize. Work, Taconsonrisa.
2012 May / International Competition / Honorable Mention.
The 5th International Smiling Cat Cartoon Web Contest-2012. Work, personal caricature of Picasso.
2013 / Third Prize in the Caricatures section of the 10 Tehran International Cartoon Biennal.

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