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Gallery Of Caricatures By Nelson Santos - Portugal
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Nelson Santos - PortugalBorn in Salvaterra de Magos on July 26, 1974 year of revolution.Early showed some skills for the design which has led some ear pulling by drawing with his left hand and already in school, where maybe it all started, I ventured to draw some caricatures of the teachers that caused some bad grades, which understand at the time due to lack of devolution to the line and went for studies to draw lessons and look for the doll.In 1993 to abandon his studies as an act of rebellion, served five years of voluntary military service in the Navy, quickly realizing that it was exactly what he wanted.His professional initiation began in 1998 when responding to an ad for an illustrator for the animation studio "Magic Toons" belonging to ETIC where he learned to develop stroke techniques and 2D animation as inker and ranges. One day he was invited to do some live caricatures at an event to mark shampoo "Organics", to which even later discovered he was allergic The thing did not go bad (except the part dermatological) and quickly learned to master this difficult art of caricature.Since i work in animation events, parties and weddings on a regular professional, both in Portugal and abroad and already has numerous actions in Germany, in Berlin, Frankfurt, Heidelberg and Dusseldorf in the great World Medical Fair twice.He also developed logos for businesses and other commercial establishments, working in various advertising campaigns and promotional image and brands.He has collaborated with some national publications such as "BD Newspapers' recent publication, Inside Journal, was at the launch of the Portal site that pioneered the sending of picture postcards) as well as collaboration with local councils, parish councils, and various other bodies and reputed companies like Toyota, Allianz, Sanofi-Aventis, Samsung, BMW or Matutano to name a few. Also appeared in an advertising campaign for milk which was shill Morning caricaturist. Has been invited to exhibit their works individually and collectively, their 1st exhibition was in City Hall Council Chamber City Penamacor in March 2007 which was followed in June the 2nd exhibition in the Old Town Rodão. Winner of the cartoon contest named FIFA FIFA Stuttgart Award 2006 with a caricature of the Brazilian player Ronaldinho Gaucho.He is a member since 206 of NCN: National Caricaturists Network non-profit organization with the aim of spreading the art of caricature in 2006 where he attended the Convention held in Orlando, Florida. At that same convention received the book prize for caricature "Facial Expressions: A Visual Refe-rence For Artists" by Mark Simon. In 2007 he participated in a workshop in Osterbeek in Holland and returned with several awards in the luggage as:-3rd place for best cartoon (2 awards former aqueo)-2nd place for best black and white caricature;-3rd place for best portfolio.The future of Nelson Santos oject is to be published in a newspaper often weekly or even daily, your most recent contact was with the magazine "Footballer" and Semanauto Journal (only magazine dedicated to football in Portugal) where he recently began collaborating with caricatures of players football but also is contacted internationally to illustrate how the case was the American magazine "Brandweek" which was published on the cover with a caricature of Gorbachev or pair Kiwanis magazine illustrated a cartoon where the known host Jay Leno. Since 2009 he started to collaborate often as an illustrator for the weekly Sun continues today. Also highlight some presence on television's Contact Sic in 2008 and 2009 in a tribute to Portugal where he held various personalities live caricatures of Carmen Dolores, Marco Paulo, Simon Oliveira, Filipe La Feria, Carlos do Carmo, Rui Costa and homesick António Feio.Today and these days it is very easy to find Nelson Santos drawing in his studio at home or for some event to capture a moment or some expression that makes you smile.

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