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Gallery Of Caricatures By Maron Hanaki - Japan
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Maron Hanaki - Japan
caricature artist.
I usually produce caricatures based on a caricature style caricature technique.
In this blog, introductions of the work you drew and other, I wrote everything from day to day carelessly.
He 1987 Graduated from Mustachio Art University Department of Oil Painting.
2011 Graduated Caricature ·
Japan Co., Ltd. Professional Training Course 1 & 2 with excellent results, joined Drawing Studio Management Co., Ltd., supreme to the fastest highest point.
It quickly reveals its heads and gains overwhelming support with popularity and popularity.
The 2014 Caricature World Congress 12th overall ranking, the global caricature contest win over FB and others winning prize.
In addition to lectures and participation in various events, the popular variety program 's laugh And Wednesday's downtown appearances, familiar in media and television.
Independent from April 2016.
Currently active in various fields with actual achievement of more than 50,000 total cumulative drawing number.


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