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Gallery Of Caricatures By Marcus Sakoda - South Korea
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Marcus Sakoda - South Korea
I am a digital caricature artist.
I paint caricatures because it makes me happy.
I have been drawing caricatures since 2010.
I have won many awards at the annual ISCA competition for my caricature artworks.
I have exhibited my caricature artworks in many asian countries, such as Korea, China, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.
My artwork was also featured in the Society of Illustrators gallery in New York.
I participated in the 2014 ISCA (Internation Society of Caricature Artists) convention in Reno, Nevada last year.
It's an annual gathering of caricature artists from around the world.
There are seminars and competitions and constant artworks being made.
It's my favorite time of the year.
These are the pieces I created during the 72 hour time period.
I ended up placing 3rd place overall and got an award from Wacom as their pick for favorite digital artist.

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