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Gallery Of Caricatures By Marco Calcinaro - Italy
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Marco Calcinaro - Italy 
Marco Calcinaro, a doc sambenedettese with a blues soul. 
SAN BENEDETTO OF THE TRONTO - Everyone has been talking about it for weeks. 
His cartoons spilled on facebook.
I'm a technician, a good designer, I know drawing technique and I do my job well. 
Art is a word I do not know. "
They were born by chance, I'm a designer and I often do comics and cartoons, others have come in chains. 
The characters are related to what surrounds me, to what I see and to those I meet. 
The work of this ingenious designer has made an intercontinental flight from the greatness of the American continent to the elements of the city where he was born with:It would be great if a Milanese would be passionate about our culture. For now we play a bit. I play.

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