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Gallery Of Caricatures By Laurent Deloire - France
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I saw my passion: caricature, portraiture, illustration for communication or for publishing. The artist who was sleeping in me, born in 1968, suddenly awoke when, adolescent, in the 1980s, I fell in "The Big Gules" of Mulatier, Ricord and Morchoisne.

Three renowned cartoonists who inspired generations of cartoonists. My revelation hides on page 17 of this album of anthology: a caricature of Jimmy Carter, an incredible finesse. From then on, I began to scratch paper, reproducing the sketches of the masters of the discipline.
Quickly, I decided to drop the accounting for the drawing, to exchange my calculator for a pencil box, to exchange the spreadsheets for Canson paper. And leave the comfort of the family plumbing business - where I felt especially useful in designing communication materials! - for the precarious but precious freedom of the cartoonist.
Caricature de Deloire-3I have thus given birth to my double, Deloire, signed at the bottom of each of my caricatures, drawings and illustrations.
And since then, this "double" has signed "some" of national dailies (Libération), published many caricatures in the local press, signed several books. He has received several awards at festivals. But he always takes as much pleasure in the art of illustration, drawing and caricature.


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