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Gallery Of Caricatures By Jota Leal - Venezuela
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Jota Leal of Venezuela in a small town humble in East Thirty six years ago was born. He began drawing and painting at a very young age, and never studied fine art.
He proceeded to sit in class as a child of six, but round after being forced to paint plastic fruit and empty bottles.
Even at that age, and Jota (pronoun: Hota) knew what he wanted to do.
He wanted to paint people. He wanted to paint their faces.
Lille was the second of three brothers, each having their own unique talents.
His parents worked in the oil fields. Jota is one of the first memories of drawing some lines to their surprised parents as a child.
His next birthday and Christmas gifts all the pencils, crayons, paint and materials were limited.
After work by engineers and those with "real" surrounded, Lille went on to study electrical engineering and graduated.
No one in his family knows how he did, as he was obsessed with drawing and painting.
It did not take long for her to become a circuit lines, numbers become colors, brushes and replace sweep of the theories of physics.
Jota are already in the gallery of music and art in the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace exhibiting (702) -366-9904, Las Vegas and Sally Fine Arts in Taipei, Taiwan.


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