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Gallery Of Caricatures By Ique Woitschach - Brazil
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Ique Woitschach - Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
Introduction Journalist, cartoonist, sculptor and screenwriter.
He has been a cartoonist for Jornal do Brasil for over 25 years, has two cartoon books.
The second of them with works published in the newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo. He has also published in the newspaper O Dia and in the sports daily Lance.
He has collaborated with numerous magazines such as Veja, Vejinha, Mad, Fatos, Courrier International and Revista da Semana.
Won 2 Esso Awards for Journalism.
He is a sculptor with 6 bronze works in Rio de Janeiro: Piraja's Corneteiro in Ipanema, Joao Saldanha in Maracana, Coimbra in the Arts Exchange of Rio de Janeiro, Michael Jackson in the slab of the community of Santa Marta, Chacrinha, old warrior, in the Botanic Garden, and the unpublished homage in life to the singer and composer Martinho da Vila.
His sculpture was installed in the viewpoint of the Valley Encantado, in the city of Duas Barras / RJ, where the artist was born.
Worked until 2014 as author author of TV Globo writing and drawing the humorous Total Fox.
He is currently the Executive Director of his new company, iQ Creacao iLtda.

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