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Gallery Of Caricatures By Alberto Sting Russo - Italy
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Alberto Sting Russo - Italy
I am Alberto Sting Russo, portrait painter living near Cossonay, Switzerland.
I am also a teacher of drawing, I teach traditional techniques (drawing in pencil, charcoal, colored pencils, ballpoint pen, acrylic paint) as well as digital painting (painting on computer with the help of a graphic tablet and stylus).
From the beginning, this activity literally fascinated me.
Crunching the teachers' faces in my notebooks was common throughout my schooling.
Then at the age of 16, the world of graffiti crossed my path and it was a click From then on, the need to draw (on paper or on a wall) became vital.
All my free time was devoted to it.
I drew hours in my room projects that I would then paint with aerosol paint spray on the walls of my city: Lausanne.
I signed under the pseudonym Sting these first murals.
At 17, I sold my first paintings in acrylic.
At the age of 21, after an initial training as a draftsman and a preparatory year in art school, I started training as a graphic designer in a communication agency.
In 2010, my desire to paint portraits increasing, I participated in the workshop of the realist painter (and caricaturist) German: Sebastian Kruger.
Back from this incredible internship that motivated me a lot, I decided to participate in weekly drawing contests (caricatures and portraits) on social networks.
Having won the first prize for several weeks, it strengthened my idea of ??doing only two things: painting and teaching the art of drawing.

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