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Gallery Of Caricatures About Trump By Iranian Caricaturists - 2017
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" Trump by the Glance of Iranian Cartoonists " is the title of a cartoon and caricature exhibition that is organized in Iranian House of Cartoon in Tehran from today. 
Massoud Shojai Tabatabai said: " This exhibition is a response to Trump's adsorb words against Iran".
Director of Iranian House of Cartoon said about organizing " Trump by the Glance of Iranian Cartoonists" exhibition:    " This exhibition is the result of talent and art of Iranian artists that has been organized by the help of  Society of Preservation of Values of Sacred Defense and the Association of Visual Islamic Revolution and Sacred Defense. Good artworks has been produced by foreign artists about Trump's personality and his actions, but this exhibition has been organized just by the presence of Iranian artists about Trump's harsh and rough position about Iran. 
Shojai Tabatabai added: " For instance when Trump announced that Iranian Citizens and several other countries have no right to enter to the United States. Abbass Godarzi Iranian cartoonist has drawn a caricature that Trump and Malek Salman are erasing the name of Saudi Arabia from the list of terrorists. While Wahhabi terrorism belongs to Al saud and now in countries like Syria, Iraq and Yemen we are witness of Al Saud's terrorists. In terrorist events in America such as September 11 also was sponsored by Saudi Regime."
Director of Iranian House of Cartoon by emphasizing that Iranian cartoonists have taken their nib and attack to International terrorism mentioned : " Thanks God that Iranian artists has made significant artworks and we try to show the talent and art of this artists well.
Shojai Tabatabai continued : " This exhibition will be shown in the walls of Iranian House of Cartoon and we hope that after that we can show this exhibition in Tehran public places such as metro so that the artworks will be exposed to public view."  He talked about why foreign artist's artworks have not been used in this exhibition said: " International announcement made on issues such as ISIS, but Trump is not precious enough to do so for him. American presidents come and go, something that is principle is sovereignty and US government position. According to Iran supreme leader ex president of America has been stretched velvet gloves on his iron claws, but one president like Trump played out. On the other hand because we wanted to run this exhibition as fast as possible, we preferred to use Iranian artist's works at the moment. One of the special features of cartoon and caricature is it's rapid response of this art to the events. "
In this exhibition artworks of cartoonists such as Abbass Godarzi, Alireza Pakdel, Ali Paknahad, Shahram Shirzadi, Mohammad Ali Rajabi, Amin Montazeri, Mehdi Azizi, Salman Taheri, Jaber Asadi, Mahnaz Yazdani, Arash Foroughi and Mahmood Azadnia has been showcased. 

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