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Gallery Of Caricature By Sebastian Cast-Argentina
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He was born on January 29, 1973 in the city of Buenos Aires, capital of the Argentina Republic. There he studied at the Manuel Belgrano Fine Arts Schools and the Beato Angelico Institute. He continued his training in the Studio of the plastic artist Claudio Piedras (Ex Grupo Espartaco), dedicating himself fundamentally to the study of the living model. And caricature with the caricaturist ,cartoonist Hermenegildo Sabat. Over the years, he held numerous art exhibitions, both individual and collective. He belonged to the ALFA artistic group. Between the years 1993 to 2010 he dedicated himself to the realization of street cartoons in; the city of Mar del Plata in the summer seasons. He also did it in several provinces of the country such as Santa Fe and San Luis. And in other countries such as Spain (in Lloret de Mar, Barcelona) -Some works: Illustrations and cartoons for bands like: O'Connor, Beto Vazquez INFINITY, Heavy Roll, Papa rock, VEGA, FRON THE FIRE, Dan Swano, Omnium Gatherum , Stam1na among others. - caricatures for the magazine "our voice" from the Atilra group (Argentina cover illustration for the magazine "Dinamita" (USA) -realization of characters for the company "Entertaiment Puppets Production (Spain) cover illustration of the book dedicated to the biography of the actor Danny Kaye.
In the year 2013 his book is published: The art of Sebastian Cast (editorial Mad Artist Publishing) Canada And 2015 The art by Sebastian Cast II (editorial cartoon ark - Greece) Participates in the publication of the books: Bond 50 years in caricature and tribute to Robin Williams. (Mad Artist Publishing Publishing House) 2014. In 2017 The art of Sebastian Cast III (editorial cartoon ark - Greece) Different exhibitions in: Argentina - Mexico - Poland - Brazil - Iran - Croatia - Awards: 2nd prize - national drawing contest 2014/15 - City Bank Foundation - Argentina 1st prize - International Salon of Amazonia-Brazil 2015 Special Mention 3rd MIKS 2017. 1st Prize of the x international cartoon contest 2017 -review "Nosorog". Since 1993 with his own company "CaricaturasCast", which has a group of several cartoonists, performs live cartoons for parties and events. Several years ago and with the great tool that is Internet, it carries out commissions for private clients and companies throughout the world such as: Argentina, Brazil, Panama, Colombia, Spain, the United States, Costa Rica - Russia, England, Belgium and France. Dedicated to the teaching of caricature through traditional techniques and digital art, he tries to transmit his experience mainly from his years of fine arts, thus enriching the art of caricature.


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