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Gallery Of Caricature By Jan Op De Beeck-Belgium
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Born in Congo in 1958, moved into Belgium in 1960. 
Obtained mastership in 1979 at Sint-Thomas in Brussels. 
Started teaching arts in 1979 at the Coloma Institute in Mechelen. 
Graduated in model drawing at the Royal Academy in Mechelen. 
Made caricatures for several publications in Belgian press. 
Won several awards in Belgium, France, Poland, Portugal, Iran and the USA.
Was elected in 2003 as 'World's Best Caricaturist' by the Professional cartoonists in Iran.
Was invited in Saint-Just-Le-Martel, Saint-Estève and Samer (France) several times.
Did masterclass with Sebastian Krueger in Seixal (Portugal) in June 2001.
Guest of honour in Ourense (Spain) and Dubai (UAE) in March 2002.
Guest speaker - with Sebastian Krueger - during the NCN Convention in Orlando, Florida in January 2003. 
"Honorary Master" at NCN/ISCA.
Working visits at the studios of Alcis Szabo-Reiss (Germany), Superbi (Italy), Krueger (Germany) and Turcios (Spain), spring 2003.
Guest artist in Porto (Portugal) in May 2003.
Invited to Tokyo (Japan) at Central West Entertainment by his friend and caricaturist Kage Nakanishi in May 2004.
Working visits at the studios of Ismael Roldan and Garrett Bender (USA, New York), November 2004.
Seminars at the NCN convention in Las Vegas, February 2005.
Co-organiser and seminars at the First European Minicon in Malaga, November 2005.
Invited to Tehran (Iran) to be Guest of Honor for the 7th Tehran international cartoon festival.
Seminar at the NCN convention in Orlando, October 2006.
Two first prizes at this NCN convention: "Portfolio of the year", and "Master of the year".


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