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Call -International Poster Exhibition “Genocide In Myanmar”
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Visual Center of Hoze Honari in cooperation with Ravayate-e- Fath Visual Association with the aim of " Condemning systematic Crimes against Myanmar Oppressed People"

Call -International Poster Exhibition “Genocide in Myanmar”


1- the west media and assemblies and Human Rights Organizations’ silence on  killing the Myanmar Muslims

2- Ang Sun Suchi, Noble Prize

3- Religious and Ethnic Genocide in Myanmar


1- Sending artworks is in 2 Sections

First Section: Send us posters that have resolution of 924× 647 pixel with 72 DPI, RGB/ JPEG ( jpg or png file) via email

Second Section: If the poster has been selected in the first section, you will be informed via email, and will be asked to send us the original posters in size ( 70 × 100cm)

2-  3 posters submission per-participant will be allowed.

3- Participation is free for all designers. No registration fee

4- It's necessary to choose a title for each artwork ( It's better that each artwork send by the name of the designer and please write the title in English Words: eg

( myanmarnobelhamedamoli 1.jpg)

5- The secretariat is authorized to publish the artworks.

6- the selected artworks will be published in a book after the exhibit was held.

7- Email address:

8-  Take Care not to use the symbols of Buddha or Buddhist monk


1- 10 million Rails awarded to the first 5 works + appreciation tablet

2- All the participants receive a certification.

Deadline: 2 October 2017

Place of the Exhibition:

Abolfazl Aali Gallery , Hoze Honari

Address :

Visual Center of Hoze Honari, before Hafez ave, Somaye St, Tehran, Iran

Tel:+98 88808103

+98 88895712


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