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About Angel Boligan
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About Angel Boligan

A man is stripped of his clothes, his mobile phone, the keys to your home, office and car, your watch, your notebook, your pen, and your credit card, as it goes up to the top of a hill, from which, free at last, under the shade of a tree, contemplates, at his feet, the city submerged under a cloud of pollution ... With this drawing titled "Free" Boligan Angel won the Grand Prize PortoCartoon World Festival, in 2000, one of the most prestigious events of humor competitive, organized by the Museu Nacional da Imprensa, of the Portuguese city of Oporto.

This is one of the long list of international awards,-a total of 120 between citations and awards, some of them obtained from the World Press Cartoon-it already has in its curriculum this imaginative Cuban-Mexican artist, who was born in 1965 in the town of San Antonio de los Baños, resides in Mexico City, works as an editorial cartoonist in the newspaper El Universal and presides Cartonclub agency (the Cartoon Club America).

Contests held in countries as diverse as Bulgaria, Italy, Peru, Cuba, China, Turkey, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, USA, Portugal, Germany, Iran, Mexico and many others have admired, applauded and rewarded this ingenious artist.

Angel is a cartoonist Boligan off series with its extensive and diverse work, which is characterized by exquisite design, precise use of color, no text, influence of film language, and a universal outlook, addresses such burning issues as the pollution, commodification of society, religion, political corruption, drug trafficking, a sedentary lifestyle, hunger, war, child abuse, new technologies, trash television, and other multiple aspects given observer status constant and sharp, human psychology, of economic contradictions and social conflicts that exist in the universe.

To Boligan, each drawing is a pretext for the reader smile, but also reflect. He is an outstanding representative of intelligent humor.

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