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A Conversation With The Cartoonist Guillermo Mordillo
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A conversation with the cartoonist Guillermo Mordillo
August 9, 2016

His Person disappears behind his work, is a shame for an artist is truly nothing of Honor. Only a few are broadcast aware that they are present, in addition to their images of themselves as equivalent total work of art: Dali’s mustache is at least as well known as his burning Giraffe.
Similar to that of Dalí the painter, who set fire to his animals, of course, never is a big Giraffe, usually with the name of the speech. The artist and the man Mordillo, however, does not disappear just behind his giraffe, but behind the legions of white male and female with thin legs, fat bellies and huge, bulbous noses, and bigger than the heads on which they depend. With his droll, surreal drawings based on short cartoons by Guillermo Mordillo has become in the seventies one of the most famous cartoonists in the world. For the photographer can be the elderly gentleman with a flat cap and round glasses on this summer day, however, undisturbed in the middle of a street in Munich, where he visited like every year, his German publisher. Mordillo, just 84 years old, of small stature and friendly nature, and his nose is distinctive, but by no means unusually large.


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