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8th International Festival Of Cartoon Solin 2012
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Deadline: Fri 10 Aug 2012
8th International Festival of Cartoon Solin 201 2
Theme: Archeology / Free
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  • Gervasio Umpiérrez Nin 11 years, 10 months ago

    I would like to participate in the contest. how I can do?

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    • Massoud Shojai Tabatabai 11 years, 10 months ago

      You must read the regulations and use it for sending your works,it is very easy! This is the regulations: 1. PARTICIPATION The organizer of 8th International festival of cartoon Solin 2012.Is the city Solin.The festival is opened for everyone regardless of nationality, age,sex, or profesion. 2.THEME: 1. FREE 2. ARHEOLOGY 3.ENTRIES Conditions of entry: 1. All entries must be original cartoons. Framed works,also,will not be accepted. 2. Entries can be either black and white or colored. 3. There should be the name, surname and the address on the reverse side of cartoons. 4. Maximum 5 entries will be submitted. 5. Maximum size of entries is A3 format (40x30cm) 4.DEADLINE Entry deadline is the 10. august. 2012. Please write ; PRINTED MATTER- NO VALUE: 5.ADDRESS 8.INTERNATIONAL CARTOON FESTIVAL SOLIN 2012 «DOM ZVONIMIR» Kralja Zvonimira 50, 21210 Solin, CROATIA 6.PRIZE AND AWARDS 1. PLAQUE....................................................1008 EUR 2. PRIZE CITY SOLIN................................... 3 PRIZE 7.EXHIBITION The exhibition will take place in the galery of the culture home „ZVONIMIR“ Solin on the 24.08.2012. 8.OTHER CONDITIONS Authors of works that quality to the exhibition are given a presentation copy of the exhibition catalogue (DVD). The works will be returned only on the special reqest of an autor.The postage EUR5 will be paid by autor. The organizer reserves the right to reproduce the works sent to the festival, Solin 2012, as the advertising material without being obliged to pay a fee to an author whose work may be used.The prize-winning works become property of the organizer. PRESIDENT 8.INTERNATIONAL CARTOON FESTIVAL- SOLIN 2012 CROATIA

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