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Gallery Of Photo Montages By Karen Cantuq - Mexico
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my name is karen, i am mexican and i live in monterrey, mexico.
i am currently studying to become an interior architect.
i have a dog, lily, she's a golden retriever and the love of my life, until now at least.
i am an animal and nature lover.
i hate good taste, it's the worst thing that can happen to a creative human.
i wrap my thoughts in works of art. I started creating surreal artworks for self therapy. i can sleep almost in every surface and scenario you can think of. it's a gift.
i love winter, hate summer.
i believe the world dosen't need more builders or designers, it need humans able to create experiences while designing.
i want to do or create something splendid, something wonderful.
i still don't know what or when, but i promise i will astonish you all someday.


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