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Gallery Of Photo Montages By Huseyin Sahin - Turkey
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Huseyin Sahin - Turkey
On Calendars 1990, I came to Earth on October 15th on a last spring day.
I have had great interest in photography and photography since I was young.
I reflected this in my education life and I went to the field of Graphic Design and Photography.
After graduating from graphic design department; I also worked in various advertising studios for 3 years.
I worked as a photography specialist for 4 years in one of the leading global companies in Turkey. Lastly, I have been a digital agent for creative work in the advertising industry for a year and continued my career as Art Director.
I still continue to work as freelance and produce various branded content.
In this process, I have been involved in many projects including Hollywood movie banners.
In addition to this, I do my artistic works to reflect my inner world.

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