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Gallery Of Paitings By Nicolas De Crecy - France
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Nicolas de Crecy - France
Nicolas de Crecy, born on September 29, 1966 in Lyon (Rhone), is a French comic book author and illustrator.
Nicolas de Crecy was born in Lyon in a large sibling (including DJ Etienne, director Geoffroy, and director Herve1).
It is part of the first promotion of the Ecole superieure de l'image d'Angouleme, from which he graduated in 1987.
He then worked for the Disney studios in Montreuil, before publishing his first book, Foligatto, in 1991, on a scenario by Tjoyas, immediately hailed by critics.
The first volume of the celestial Bibendum followed, and with Sylvain Chomet, the series of Leon the Came in the magazine (To be continued), the second volume of which will obtain the Alph Art of the best album at the Angouleme festival 1998.
He is the artistic director of the animated drawing La Vieille Dame and the Pigeons made by Sylvain Chomet in 1998.
In 2003, a polemic will accompany the release of the Triplettes of Belleville by Sylvain Chomet, professionals of the animation accused the latter of having plagiarized the work of Nicolas de Crecy2.
In cartoon, he explored several tracks, with a great mastery of drawing and complex and ironic scenarios: direct colors (The Bibendum celeste), fast black and white (Monsieur Fruit), silent narrative (Prosopopus), wacky tale (Salvatore ), an autobiography of a drawing (Diary of a ghost), or an album coedited by the Louvre Museum and Futuropolis, Glacial Period, which won many prizes, and whose original plates were the subject of a temporary exhibition (Le Petit design) at the Louvre Museum in 2009.
In addition, he was awarded in 2008 the Villa Kujoyama residences program in Kyoto.
In 2015 is released in France The Republic of the wrestling, pre published in episodes in Japan between August 2014 and March 2015 in the magazine Ultra Jump3.
From March to August 2016, Le Manchot Lomomane, an exhibition at the Center d'Art Contemporain in Quimper, Le Quartier, presents a retrospective of its graphic and plastic work.
1992: prize of the Lion, Belgian Center of Comics [ref. desired].
1993: Prix Max and Moritz of the best comic book publication imported for Foligatto (with Alexios Tjoyas).
1996: special prize of the jury, festival of Sierre.
1998: Alph'Art of the best French album at the Angouleme festival for Leon la cam, t. 2: Ugly, poor and sick (with Sylvain Chomet).
2001: prize of the School of the image of Angouleme.
2005: price of the newspaper Le Point.
2006:Price of cartoon booksellers for Glacial period;
Virgin Megastore Award.
2015: Grand Boum of the 32nd festival Bd BOUM of Blois4.
2016: Flag: Italy Micheluzzi Prize for the best foreign comic book for The Celestial Bibendum.

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