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Gallery Of Painting By Amy Casey - Usa
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I was born in 1976 in Erie, Pennsylvania, the first half (baby a.) of a surprise set of twins.
My childhood memories consist mainly of hanging out with trees and reading library books but my twin Beth (baby b.) assures me that other events did happen.
I was always the indian to her cowboy. My middle school counselor pushed me into art classes probably because I was waffling without direction and possibly because he wanted to get to lunch early.
My chance encounter with his longing for a PBJ eventually led me to the local school for performing and visual arts with two great mentors, Mary Pat Haven and Kenneth Kopin.
They encouraged me to love and pursue art. From there I ended up in glorious Cleveland where I got my BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art. After a short stint in Chicago with a pirate, I settled in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland. It is now a good bit less grimy than it was when I first arrived.
My neighborhood has definitely infiltrated my work and you can see bits of it in my paintings. Most all the buildings I paint are real buildings, though sometimes altered, and many of them are from Cleveland, since I live here.
I paint full time now and also do some printmaking at Zygote Press where I have a second little studio. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to receive two Ohio Arts Council Individual Awards, The Cleveland Arts Prize, a grant from CPAC's Creative Workforce Fellowship program, a fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center and a summer residency at The Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, MA via the O.A.C.
I am currently represented by Zg Gallery in Chicago and Michael Foley in New York City.


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