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Gallery Of Illustrations By Tyler Edlin - Usa
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Tyler Edlin - USA
Tyler Edlin is traditionally trained with a Bachelor of fine arts and certificate of illustration from The Art institute of Boston.
He has a passion for creating and illustrating worlds.
Designing the people and places that make them up.
He has been working professionally for 7 years bringing his passion to commercial products such as books, tabletop games, and videogames.
Notably he has worked many indie projects like Fall From Heaven and the Therion Saga to the larger productions of Tinkerbells Fairies from Disney Interactive and Chivalry: Medieval Warefare from TornBanner studios.
Tyler has worked with studios including Disney Interactive, Hitpoint Studios, Studio Virty's, Fantasy Flight, Paizo Publishing, StarDock Industries, Tornbanner Studios, and Activision.

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