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Gallery Of Illustrations By Sebastian Barreiro - Argentina
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Sebastian Barreiro - Argentina
My name is Sebastian Barreiro.
I was born in 1972 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I'm currently living at.
When I was 12 years old I discovered, almost by chance, Richard Corbens "One Thousand and One Nights" and, fallen in love with this work, I decided to become an illustrator instead of a veterinarian.
At age 16 I started my drawing lessons with master Oswal, while I developed my painting, sculpture and engraving skills in other art studios.
I work professionally since 1992, especially in children's publications.
Since 1999 I alternately work as illustrator, designing backgrounds and at art direction for advertising and animated movies.
In 2010 I published the first book of my entire authorship, "El Pequeno Albert" (Little Albert), and I dare to say that it's my favorite personal work.
I work digitally, while listening to good music along with my dog Kari, and at my free time I enjoy watching good old scary movies.


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