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Gallery Of Illustrations By Samuel Casal - Spain
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Samuel Casal - Spain
Samuel Casal, 30, has been a professional illustrator since 1990.
He is currently the Art Editor of Catarinense,
In Florianopolis, and a freelance illustrator, having already collaborated with several national publications such as Caros Amigos, Voce S / A, Exame Info, Macmania, Strange World, Superinteressante, Folha de Sao Paulo and others. Casal is also a comic artist and his hqs have already been published on the albums Front 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, in the collection "10 in the Area, one in the Bath and Nobody in the Goal", Ragu 5 and in the catalog of the exhibition ConSequencias (Madrid / Spain). In 2001 he won the HQmix Trophy as a Breakthrough Designer and in 2003 won the XI Drawing Press for the Comics category.
In 2004 he received an Honorable Mention in the category Editorial Editorial also in the International POA Salon and three other HQmix trophies, as best National Designer, National Illustrator and the best Fanzine, with Xerocs Porcoration, developed with the Goian comic artist Galvao and the Sao Paulo chronicler Artur Oak.


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