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Gallery Of Illustrations By Romina Lutz - Austria
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Romina Lutz - Austria
I create surreal and dreamy vector art with a touch of vintage, minimal art and flat design elements.
Choosing the right colours and textures that communicate emotional messages is of prime importance for my designs. Besides, I am really passionate about adding a fairytale feeling and also a touch of mystery and surrealism to my works.
When people drift away into their own magical place somewhere in their imagination while looking at my work, then this is possibly the most beautiful compliment I can receive as an artist.
Besides creating digital artwork I am currently working in an art publishing company. In my free time I collect ideas for new digital works and take PHOTOGRAPHS together with my wonderful husband.
Every new artwork digital art or a photography is published in my DIGITAL ART BLOG on my website as well as on my SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS.
Art is a fantastic way to experience creativity and new ideas.
There have been so many interesting technical developments throughout history and I am looking forward to recognise in a few years, that even the point right now is just the beginning of something even more magical

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