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Gallery Of Illustrations By Rofusz Kinga - Hungary
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Rofusz Kinga - Hungary
Rofusz Kinga was born in 1970 in Budapest.
He graduated from the Hungarian College of Applied Arts and Master Training Course animation department.
He is a member of the Hungarian Artists Association of Hungarian Film Artists Association and the Society of Hungarian Illustrators.
The illustrator of the year award in 2010, won the illustrator Kinga Rofusz Irijam and Joni entitled to wonder Pencil Publishing House published his book.
A number of group and solo exhibition was at home and abroad.
Due to the huge, fixed-colored paintings, deep, subtle text the sensitivity of the most prominent contemporary writers forming a pair.
each and every floating, strives upwards of great pictures, while the background brushstrokes, visszadorzsolt surfaces of the material witness of tangibility.


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