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Gallery Of Illustrations By Roberto Cigna - Italy
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Roberto Cigna - Italy
Roberto Cigna here,graphic designer and video maker from Italy, based in Bucharest.
After an experience in Barcelona and Rome actually i work in Bucharest, with a particular interest in identity design, and illustrations especially for books and infographics for the primary school.
I like to work closely with clients on projects.
Roberto Cigna is an Italian-based illustrator and graphic designer.
A passion for drawing has been with Cigna since childhood.
After studying cinema and mass media communications in northern Italy, and in Rome, Cigna began working as graphic designer and an illustrator.
Living and working in several countries thoughout Europe west to east from Barcelona to Bucharest Cigna explored different cultures which had a profound effect on his work as an illustrator.
When he’s not drawing, Cigna loves to spend time with his family.
Cigna’s style is simple, with minimal detail, and a strong narrative vision.
His editorial and political illustration appears in newspapers and magazines and is used for corporate and educational branding.

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