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Gallery Of Illustrations By Rebecca Dautremer - France
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Rebecca Dautremer - France
Born in Gap, France January 01, 1971
Rebecca Dautremer was born in 1971 in Gap in the South of France (Hautes Alpes). She attended classes in the ENSAD of Paris and got a degree in graphic edition in 1995.
She afterwards became a graphic editor and illustrator.
A few years ago, she started to write books of her own. Now living in Paris with her husband Tai Marc Lethanh and their three children, she also works for the press for children (Milan Presse and Fleurus Presse), school publishers, and in advertising.
Her picture books are very poetic, with a hint of humour.
Inspired by fairy tales, she offers new and more entertaining stories, featuring Babayaga, an ogress, a funny Cyrano, and weird princesses like P tsec and Quart de Lune. Rebecca's recipe is : warm colours and precise drawings.
Her books are a real success for children between 3 and 11 years old.
L'Amoureux, a story she wrote herself, is a moving tale about love and children, that was recently adapted for the stage and performed by children.
It was awarded the Prix Sorciere (Witch Prize) in 2003.
Gautier Languereau Publishing:
Cyrano, Tai-Marc Lethanh (author), Rebecca Dautremer (illustrator) (2005)
Babayaga, Taï-Marc Lethanh (author), Rébecca Dautremer (illustrator)
Le Ciel n'en fait qu'a sa tete, Jean Luc Moreau (author), Rebecca Dautremer (illustrator) (2005)
Lily la licorne, Christian Ponchon (author), Rebecca Dautremer (illustrator) (2005)
Le geant aux oiseaux, Ghislaine Biondi (author), Rebecca Dautremer (illustrator) (2005)
Les deux mamans de Petirou, Jean de Monléon (author), Rebecca Dautremer (illustrator) (2005)
Les Princesses, Philippe Lechermeier (author), Rebecca Dautremer (illustrator) (2004)
L'amoureux, Rebecca Dautremer (author, illustrator) (2003)
Flammarion Pere Castor:
Nasreddine, Odile Weulersse (author), Rebecca Dautremer (illustrator) (2005)
Bilboquet Valbert Publishing:
Sentimento, Carl Norac (author), Rebecca Dautremer (illustrator) (2005)
Lili la libellule, Florence Jenner Metz (author), Rebecca Dautremer (illustrator) (2004)
Le livre qui vole, Pierre Laury (author), Rebecca Dautremer (illustrator) (2003)
Magnard Publishing:
Je suis petite, mais mon arbre est grand, Christine Beigel (author), Rebecca Dautremer (illustrator) (2003)
Les fables de la Fontaine, Jean de la Fontaine (author), Rebecca Dautremer (illustrator) (2001).

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