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Gallery Of Illustrations By Pablo Pino - Spain
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Pablo Pino - Spain
Drawing, painting, creating characters, different worlds and situations is what I always liked to do. For some years I have been lucky enough to be able to do it professionally.
I am self taught but always watching the teachers and trying new things in my work in order to enrich it every day.
Basically my work is digital but I always use textures that I make with acrylics and other materials to satisfy that concern I have as a child to paint and stain papers; although at this moment I am leaving aside the photoshop to manually work some personal projects.
I'm a River Plate fan and in my spare time I play with Agostina, my little daughter, you know what? To draw, cut, paste and stain papers. To create dolls and paint them in many colors, and invent stories with them.
Dreams? Very many. And projects? Make my own book and become, even for a while, a complete author. Same, for that much is missing ... like a thousand drawings, or more! So for now I'm still preparing. Obviously, drawing.

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