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Gallery Of Illustrations By Nomadic Aitch - Romania
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Nomadic Aitch - Romania
Aitch is a Romanian artist and illustrator who creates murals and works on canvas principally, while she often experiments with printmaking, graphics, and design. The artist fuses classical and gothic influences with the flatness of two dimensions, while painting her dreamy characters.
Born in a small Romanian town called Roman, she graduated from the University of Art and Design in Timisoara. Studying Visual Arts in high school and at university offered her the possibility to experiment with different techniques and media.
After going through several phases, from drawing only in ink or printing with lino, to painting with acrylics on wood, she has discovered that each medium has its own beauty, so she decided to stick with all of them.
Today she works in a wide range of media – from drawings and painting to book illustrations, clothes, jewelry, murals and clay work.
Nomadic Aitch originally hails from Romania but prefers not to put down roots in any one place, new scenery inspires and invigorates her tactile, folky illustrations and a constant string of exhibitions in cities across the continent pushes her technique further.
Her dreamy characters hide amongst William Morris esque gardens and bring to mind a bright and bold reincarnation of Victorian melancholy while still retaining a strong sense of her Romanian heritage.

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