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Gallery Of Illustrations By Mastro Pagliaro - Italy
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Mastro Pagliaro - Italy
I enrolled at the Art Institute of Florence where I obtained the Diploma in Fashion and Costume; yes, I would be a kind of denied stylist / tailor / figurine.
When I finished my studies, I understood that fashion was a too complicated environment and that as a cartoonist I was worth something, I started to propose to the various publishers and to promote my work through the creation of artistic associations.
After a few years of apprenticeship (10 years) I started to make myself known nationally and internationally and to work for advertising agencies, as well as teaching at the International School of Comics in Florence, thus fulfilling my dream of living of art alone.
It is fundamental, it is the operation that distinguishes us from the artisans.
For my work I always impose myself to create works that never resemble each other, all this is very tiring, because every time I am forced to question myself and when I inevitably discover certain limitations, then I understand my form better, that thanks to hard work and research, however, can expand, to become more .

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