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Gallery Of Illustrations By Marija Tiurina - Russia
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Marija Tiurina - Russia
We've long admired Marija Tiurina, a Russian Lithuanian illustrator based in London who covers a wide range of creative fields, from children's books, concept and video games art to commercial illustration for web and print.
But when it comes to side projects, she likes to take on a different approach altogether: "My personal work largely focuses on building complex and detailed watercolor compositions, however I don't feel like being tied to a single field just yet, and continue to explore other directions that involve modelling and sculpting, photography, collage, embroidery, murals and other things that don't really have a clear definition I'd know of."
Marija graduated from Brunel University and has been living in London for the past 6 years. Marija loves working on interesting and challenging brief and has worked for clients such as; Saatchi & Saatchi, Disney, Microsoft, Square Enix, Intros.
Namco and many more.
She's worked on a wide range of projects including small and long term character design.

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