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Gallery Of Illustrations By Ken Orvidas -Usa
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Ken Orvidas -USA
My career began as an advertising art director.
It was my privilege to have worked at some of the most creative agencies on the West Coast.
It was then that I learned and honed my conceptual skills.
During the mid to late 80's I was a freelance art director and illustrator in San Francisco.
Then the recession hit.
I went dry for almost a full year.
One day I got a call from a heavy hitter head hunter familiar to AD's and copywriters in SF and LA who encouraged me to look into a Creative Director position at a hot, young corporation in the Seattle area.
I had never worked for a corporation before and wasn't too taken with the idea.
But remember that pesky recession To make a long story short, I was hired by Microsoft to be their worldwide Creative Director.
Sounds big doesn't it It was big.
It was daunting.
I went from a business of one (me) to supervising a 70 person creative department that cranked out over 3,500 corporate communications per year.
After three years of 10-12 hour days I left Microsoft burned out with the full summer ahead of me and with thoughts about what to do next.
Our house and my studio sits on just less than an acre and a half east of Seattle.
A good portion of the land is under garden which we had begun planting when we moved to the area three years previous.
For the entire summer I worked in our gardens full time while pondering the next move.
For starters, I decided to get into the strategy of branding through communications. So, I ran my own brand management business and consulted with some well and not so well known tech companies.


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