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Gallery Of Illustrations By Gees Voorhees - Netherlands
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Gees Voorhees - Netherlands
After recieving my bachelor's degree in illustration in 2004, I've done many things mildly related to that.
Things like developing workshops, 3D design, printmaking and performances.
In 2008 I started focussing more on applied art and drawing in general.
I've been glued to a piece of paper ever since, making big drawings with a tiny brush and collages using (found) pictures and handbuilt sets and constructions.
Inspirations come from youth culture, (alternative) religion, books, comics, music and the antihero in general.
Since 2010 I've been part of the Rotterdam-based art collective Kamp Horst (formerly known as Antistrot).
We didn't have a name at that time, but the six of us we were making big murals, drawings and prints back then as well.
Inspirations seem to come from the gutter for Kamp Horst, but the result is mostly colourful, funny and comicn like.
Besides being my own boss, I teach a screenprinting course at the technical university of Delft.
And sometimes I write songs with Rotterdam-based friend/producer Machinegewehr.

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