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Gallery Of Illustrations By Bruno Hamzagic - Brazil
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I'm an artist who likes illustrate and animate in 3d and 2d, always studying and experiencing different ways to give shape to the stuff that I think.
At the beginnig of my career I worked with amateur art graffiti, live caricature and panel painting.
After I met digital art, I became slave of "command+z" and others benefits of work at the computer.
For this reason my portifolio is almost entirely digital.
Anyway, I never let to have fun with paper, pencil and ink.
During eight years, participated of websites production, online games, online and interactive animation, web art direction and animation mainly at Tabuleiro ( and 14bits (, Later, as freelancer illustrator and animatior, I worked with companies like AlmapBBDO, Mccann, Fnazca, Lobo, VetorZero, Birdo, 14bits, and others.

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